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Claire, a widowed mother of two, has cancer and only a short time to live.  She wants desperately to spend that time with her two daughters, Emily, 16, and Riley, 22.  Emily is the perfect daughter, always by her mother’s side, taking care of her emotional and physical needs.  She quit years of ballet training to take on a full time job to help pay for medical bills.  ​Riley, on the other hand, is completely opposite her sister.  She is rebellious and selfish and ran away from home to pursue a music career in Nashville and has not been heard from in years. 

By the time Claire finally finds Riley, she loses her battle with cancer.  Now Riley must move back home to take care of her younger sister.  ​But Emily hates Riley for walking out on them, leaving her to care for her mother alone and causing her to give up on her own dreams of ballet.  Now the sisters must reconcile their differences as they navigate their grief, setting them on a journey of personal growth and healing through their shared love of the arts.  ​Sparks fly in this emotional drama as two estranged sisters struggle to learn that forgiveness is the only thing that can make them a family again.


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