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claire (50's)

Woman of faith.  Works from home as a medical biller.  Very loving



Claire, a widowed mother of two, was diagnosed with brain cancer several years after Riley ran away from home.  She carries tremendous guilt and depression after losing her husband in a car accident, leaving her children without their father.

Claire has been trying to find Riley since she ran away, to no avail.  After years in remission, her cancer comes back more aggressively, leaving her only a short time to live.   Her final wish is to have her two daughters reconnect to become a family again.

NURSE MATTIE (40 - 60)

Strong faith.  Works at a hospital in Knoxville, TN.  Kind.  Wise.  Protective over Emily.

medium-shot-female-nurse-hospital - Copy.jpg

Mattie is a nurse at the hospital where Claire receives chemo treatments.  She is God-fearing and kind and has become like a second mother to Emily.  


Many years ago, Mattie lost her son in a car accident and understands the pain Emily's experiencing and always has words of wisdom and comfort.  Because Emily considers Mattie family, she turns to her after she loses her mother.

supporting  characters

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